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Truman grew up on a farm in rural Wilson, North Carolina . The woman who owned him was unable to care for his needs but was good enough to allow him to enter foster care. We added him to our family in October of 2001 and have had the joy of watching him grow, learn and bond to us.

He earned his AKC-sponsored Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) in May of 2005. Click here to read more about getting a CGC certification for your dog.


Truman is a low-key fellow and enjoys the company of music students. When children invite Truman to join them during their piano lessons, he is happy to oblige by lying quietly close by and makes it a practice never to comment on their skill level!

We love big, black long-haired dogs, and Truman follows in the paw-steps of our first dog, the beautiful and intelligent URSA.

URSA Minor


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