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Recent Preschool Topics

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Little Girl
Little Boy
Learning to play

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He Ain't Heavy
... just a pretty song
Hubcap Hula

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Truman, the musical dog



Music's positive influence in young children's lives can be immense. I create preschool music lessons to educate, entertain and inspire.

Miss Marie's lessons educate:

Hannah patiently waits her turn to examine the ukulele.

Instruments, composers and music from different cultures are introduced to educate and to promote listening skills. An example of the many interesting musical topics include "our voice as a musical instrument," "music from Ireland," "Woofie Mozart — child musician," and "the ukulele — Miss Marie plays the jumping flea!"

Miss Marie's lessons entertain:

What's inside the ukulele?
Nothing but air!

Singing, movement, rhythm and fun! In my high-energy classes, we sing, clap, shake and jump to childhood favorites as well as rock, jazz, classical and contemporary music for children. Educational songs, call and response, silly songs, chanting and traditional songs provide a wide range of musical and rhythmical experiences. And I often share a short poem or story to introduce a song, enhance rhythmic awareness and encourage love of reading.

Miss Marie's lessons inspire:

Children learn about their world through examples that we set. Eating healthy food, liking yourself, kindness to animals, sharing, believing in your dreams, learning to respect others … these and many other character-building concepts are incorporated into my lessons.

Each music lesson lasts 30 minutes and consists of age-appropriate activities for pre-school children.

If you are interested in a program for your preschool, please contact me via e-mail or call 919-264-7340.

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