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Click for kids playing harmonica:
Little Girl
Little Boy
Learning to play

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He Ain't Heavy
... just a pretty song
Hubcap Hula

Click for the harmonica museum - cool!

Click to see Larry, the harmonica playing squirrel

Click here to meet
Truman, the musical dog




Thank you for visiting my web site. I am Marie Griffin, and I provide preschool music classes, children's piano lessons, "Mommy and Me" gatherings and other early childhood musical endeavors.

The gift of music will remain long after the toys of childhood are forgotten.


Music is one of life’s grand, enriching experiences. Providing musical instruction and activities for a child is like giving a very special gift that the person will always enjoy. My approach to teaching music is that children should have fun while they learn, which makes it fun for me, too.

After you have read through my web site, please contact me if you are interested in my early childhood music classes for your school, your neighborhood or friends group, or your child.




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