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Little Girl
Little Boy
Learning to play

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He Ain't Heavy
... just a pretty song
Hubcap Hula

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Truman, the musical dog


One way I know I'm meeting my goals is when I receive a note, a phone call — or just run into someone — who lets me know their children are enthusiastic about my music lessons. Below are a few recent comments:

"Our children love Miss Marie's music classes and really look forward to the days she comes to visit. They learn a lot about music and have fun too!"
— Cindy Drew, director, Method Child Development Center in Raleigh

"Miss Marie has been our music teacher since 2000.  Every time she comes she brings great musical lessons and games.  She is a wonderful music teacher and our kids love her."
Shelly, preschool director

"Miss Marie, you are the best!  Emma came running into my arms today yelling, guess what song we sang in music class!  She was so jazzed about it.  Thank you so much."
Emma's Dad

"Miss Marie's music lessons are fun for the children and the teachers too! Her love of children and music really shows and she handles the children very well in her energetic classes. Her class is the highlight of the week!"
Jerri, preschool director

"Regularly expose your child to cultural experiences, such as music and art lessons, concerts, plays, museums and historical sites."

N.C. Association of Educators: Item number four of "Five things parents can do to help their children succeed in school." The News & Observer, 8/24/05

"I sing Miss Marie's songs for my mommy and daddy".
Lilly, a student

"My five year old daughter, Claire, enjoys tremendously the music lessons you provide at her preschool, and often talks about some of the musical facts and concepts you discuss and demonstrate."
Claire's Mom

"Miss Marie …our daughter enjoys piano very much and she feels very motivated by you…"
Piano Parent

"My daughter, Ruth, loves Miss Marie's music classes!"
Tina, Ruth's mom

"Miss Marie rocks!"
Adam, a former student

"Marie has had many opportunities to work in other fields. Teaching is her avocation. It clearly brings her joy, and her students are enthusiastic to learn, because she makes it fun."
Craig, Marie's husband


If you would like to add your testimonial, contact me via e-mail or call 919-264-7340. Thanks!







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