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Mom introduces a budding musician to the harp.

I grew up in a musical household. My mother plays many instruments, including piano, organ, harp and keyboard, and her avocation is music. My parents took me to hear the Florida Symphony Orchestra and introduced me to their friend, concert master Alfonzo Carlos (I called him Fonzie). Fonzie took me backstage and showed me around the hall and introduced me to many of the musicians.

Teenage Marie at the piano.

As a second grader, I started taking piano lessons at Rollins College in Winter Park Florida . I continued my formal piano training for eleven years. Learning to play the violin was a burning desire, so in second and third grade I skipped recess to take lessons! During my elementary years I sang in the church choir, and I played the piano for junior high chorus and Sunday School. Other instruments I play include guitar, ukulele, accordion … and harmonica - sort of!

My adult years have been enhanced by musical experiences; playing piano for vocal groups, attending musical performances, volunteering with the North Carolina Symphony, singing with the radio, and dancing to records in my living room. Music is part of what makes my life enjoyable!

There are pleasures you never see coming, satisfaction you never can dream. For years your heart may lay heavy, unexposed to a sparkle or gleam. Oh we think we know what is important, and get dulled by material things. But I finally gained my amazement, when I could hear young children sing ...

-- Bill Camplin

I feel that it is important for me to stay up to date with regard to children's music options. Well known children's musical performers come to the Triangle occasionally and I go to as many of these as possible. I have attended Mr. Al and Red Grammar jamborees as well as numerous North Carolina Symphony Young People's Concerts and performances by the North Carolina Ballet. To advance my childhood music and movement knowledge and repertoire, I have also attended sessions offered by the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children (NCaeyc).

Miss Marie

My formal training is in engineering with a master’s degree in engineering administration. I enjoyed my technical career, but in 1998, I decided to explore alternate career paths and I learned that I truly enjoy sharing music with children. These past many years of teaching children's piano and preschool music have shown me that I have enthusiasm, interest, if I may say so, talent!

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